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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tube Toolbox 2.8.0 Professional + crack free full PC Software download

Tube Toolbox 2.8.0 is a "YouTube Bot" and works by automating Friend Requests, Messages, Comments and Sharing Videos.

This software has tools to speed up and improve almost everything you do while using YouTube(TM). TubeToolboxs Personal Tools will track your friends and videos making it quick and easy for you to do things such as message a friend, watch a video, or view a friends profile.

For the more advanced user, TubeToolboxs Power Tools will let you do things such as download videos to your computer, change their format, and watch them on the built in media player.

For the most advanced users, TubeToolboxs Professional Tools let you do things such as gather users and videos from any page in YouTube(TM) and automatically send friend requests, messages, and comments to any gathered list. It also has tools that automatically accept your friend requests and automatically post bulletins. Furthermore, TubeToolbox completely complies with YouTubes terms of service.

Major Features:

  1. 100% YouTube Terms of Service Compliant
  2. Automated Friend Request Sending
  3. Automated Message Sending
  4. Send Messages from Multiple YouTube Accounts to Ensure Maximum Sent
  5. Multi-Message Sending Rotation
  6. Include Unique Channel name in each Sent Message
  7. Automated wait/retry when YouTube's Sending Limits are Reached
  8. Send Delay Options to Protect your YouTube Account
  9. Multiple CAPTCHA Options & Bypasses
  10. Automated Comment Posting on User Accounts
  11. Automated Video Response Posting on Videos
  12. Automated Text Response Posting on Videos
  13. Share Video (with Message) to Multiple Users at Once
  14. Automated Subscription Invite Sending
  15. Automated Unsubscribe from Channels
  16. Automated Friend Request Accepting
  17. Manage Lists of Users & Videos
  18. Import Lists of Users & Videos
  19. Export Lists of Users & Videos
  20. View Sending History (reports)
  21. Synchronize your Friend List
  22. Synchronize your Video List
  23. Synchronize your Favorites List
  24. Mange Multiple Lists (Groups) of Users & Videos
  25. Gather only Selected Users & Videos from page
  26. Auto-Gather User's Friends
  27. Auto-Gather User's Videos
  28. Auto-Gather User's Subscribers
  29. Auto-Gather User's Subscriptions
  30. Auto-Gather User's Favorites
  31. Auto-Gather User's Comments
  32. Add Featured Video in Tube Toolbox
  33. Gather Users / Videos from Multiple Pages
  34. Download Videos Directly to your Hard Drive
  35. Watch Downloaded Videos
  36. Quick, Direct access to all of your Account Pages
  37. Immediate Access to all of you Friends, Videos, Favorites & Gathered Lists
  38. Built-in Web Browser
  39. Complete Demos & Instructional Videos
  40. 'Getting Started' Tutorial
Instructions: Install Tube Toolbox, run it, then close it. Copy Youtubelib.dll file in a folder where you installed the program and that's it.

Free download on link below:

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