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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poker Academy Professional 2.5 + crack free full PC Software download

Poker Academy is a commercial poker training program produced by BioTools Inc. Poker Academy includes two strong pokerbots, Sparbot and Vexbot, that were originally developed by the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group, and have been licensed to BioTools for use in Poker Academy. As this is a standard program that can be bought and used by anyone, Sparbot and Vexbot are common benchmarks for researchers, who can develop and test their own pokerbots based on the Meerkat API.

Train with the Best

Our poker software boasts the most powerful poker training package available. Poker Academy Pro is no game - it is carefully crafted software designed to improve your Hold\'em game and make you money at the tables.

Poker Academy Pro is packed with an abundance of features and tools including a hand evaluator, in-game advisor, advance statistics, showdown calculator, tournament clock, and online play.


This is the *REAL* crack of Poker Academy Pro 2.5 and it does run in ENGLISH if you follow the instructions!

1. Install the French version of Poker Academy Pro 2.5 using PokerAcademyPro2-setup.exe

2. When it asks if you would like to start Poker Academy at the end of the installation answer NO
(If you try to run Poker Academy BEFORE setting the language to English in the next step then some of the text in the game will stay as French so be careful!)

4. If you wish to use Poker Academy in English rather than in French then open the file
C:\\Program Files\\PokerAcademyPro2\\data\\default.prefs and change the line to read: LOCALE=en

3. Copy the files from the crack folder into the folder where you installed Poker Academy (e.g. C:\\Program Files\\PokerAcademyPro2\\)

5. Run Poker Academy.

Free download on link below:

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