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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inmatrix Zoom Player FLEX 8.10 + Crack Free Full PC Software Download

DOWNLOAD “Inmatrix Zoom Player FLEX 8.10 with Crack” HERE or click on the link at the bottom of the post after software description and release info.

Zoom Player FLEX is the ultimate, all-inclusive toolset for professional users who will not compromise on power, performance or features and demand the best in all categories. This "Swiss Army Knife" for media processing, display and management combines all the best and most powerful features, functionality, playback and display options, configuration options and navigation interfaces found in MC and DS models.


Zoom Player's power, flexibility and versatility come into action in every role it takes- regardless of the platform, environment or task complexity. The following are just a few examples of real-life applications in which Zoom Player is being employed as a smart multimedia player, media controller, media library and archive manager - or all of the above:
Digital Signage Systems
Home Theatre Systems
Media Center PCs
Zoom Player Mobile for USB / U3 / Portable Multimedia Devices
Archiving, Retrieval & Playback Systems for Libraries/Media Archives
Local and Remote Learning / Training System
TV/Cable/Satellite Studios, Editing Consoles and Broadcast Sets
Control Centers, Decision Rooms, Emergency Rooms
Meeting & Conference Rooms
Visitor Centers and Museums
Public Information Display, Stations, Data Kiosks
Waiting / Customer Rooms, Showrooms, Reception and Lobby
Schools, Universities, Educational Institutes
CD/Flash Drive-Based Presentation
Sports Arenas / Venues
Resorts and Hotels
Public Transportation: Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Terminals
Shops and Shopping Malls
Company & Private Presentation Rooms, Theatres
C-Stores, Marts, Grocery, Food and General Stores
Clubs and Casinos
Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics
Banks, Company Branches, Reception Offices

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