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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DSLR Remote Pro 2.2.3 + Serial Key Free Full PC Software Download

· Take control of your Canon DSLR camera from your PC
· Retain full control from the camera
· Choose to take photos from the camera or from the PC
· Photos automatically downloaded to the PC and displayed in a large preview window
· Photos are saved on the PC's hard disk and can also be saved on the memory card in the camera
· Full size preview window can display a critical area of the photo e.g. the eyes and face of your model during a portrait shoot
· Flashing highlight display to highlight over exposed areas
· Grid overlay display for accurate alignment of studio shots. The size and color of the grid is user definable
· Focus point overlay display for more precise control of auto focus
· Color management and sharpening options for more accurate display of preview images
· Auto bracketing of up to 15 shots ideal for HDR images, interior shots and product photography
· Automatic screen blank option - blanks the screen before taking a photo so that the light from the PC display doesn't affect the subject lighting
· Fullscreen mode for large, uncluttered display of images
· Automatic edit option - automatically loads the image after downloading into the editor or program of your choice
· Automatically stores a short comment in the shooting data of images for easy identification e.g. the person's name when taking id photos. The comment can also be used for the image filename to make it easier to identify images when taking product shots, school portraits etc.
· Automatically stores IPTC data in images as they are downloaded
· Time-Lapse feature which allows the number of photos in a sequence and the interval between shots to be specified.

Download for free on link below:

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