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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 10.0.13100 + Themes free full download with serial key

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 excels your multimedia power with a collection of three products bundled into one powerful suite. It’s loaded with advanced video editing features, media
organizer and player, superior burning software, reliable backup technology, and special multimedia tools to enhance your music, photos and videos.
Video Editing with Nero Vision Xtra™
Search quickly, play back and easily arrange all your music, photos and videos all in one place
Utilize cutting-edge video editing tools (picture-in-picture, full keyframe control, master effect track and assorted special effects and transitions) in a true multi-track timeline to achieve advanced personal touches
Create High Definition DVD, and Blu-ray Disc movies using SmartEncoding for faster HD video output, and author Blu-ray Discs with 24 progressive frame high-quality cinema-style format
Media player for all most popular audio, video and photo formats such as AVCHD, MKV, FLV, FLAC, DVD, MPEG-4 AVC, (S)-VCD, AVCREC and Audio CDs, plus music playlists and slideshows
Burn music, photos and videos to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs, or share to social communities
Burning with Nero Burning ROM™
Ensure your discs are readable regardless of scratches, age, or deterioration with SecurDisc technology
Drag and drop files to burn and copy to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs or save disc images
Split oversized files to burn onto multiple discs
Add extra security protection to your data by adding personal passwords and encryption
Experience superior playback quality from your burned content
Make flawless copies of your discs with reliable, uninterrupted burns
Backup with Nero BackItUp & Burn™
One-click Autobackup without reconfiguring computer settings
SecurDisc technology – Ensure data readability, increase the chance of retrieving your files, protect your data from unintended alterations, and verify the originator of the data
Easily back up data to hard drive, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, FTP, memory card and online storage
Restore personal data after a computer crash or accident
Recover deleted and damaged files from hard drives, CDs, DVDs, flash storage and floppy discs
Back up files and folders to multiple devices at once
Install Notes:
1.Find The Folder Called "Installer" You will find a file called "Nero-10.0.13100" open this file to install nero 10
2.Now It Will Start To Extract Files be Patient On Slower pc's this can Take 20 minutes
3.If You Get A message about installing required software you will have to install these or nero10 will not install on your pc.
4.Wait For Nero10 To install
5.Now You Will come to screen which asks for a key please use one of these two keys loacted in folder called "Serials" in text file called "nero 10 keys".
5.At this point you will need to be in nero control center this is how to opne it> (start>all programs>nero>nero10>Nero ControlCenter)
6.When the Nero ControlCenter has opened you will need to add these extra keys in which cna be found in the folder called "Serials" and in a text file called "nero 10 keys"(Gracenote Plug-in,DTS Plug-in,mp3PRO Plug-in,Activation Gracenot Plug-in,Activation Nero Move It,Activation Nero BackItUp4,Activation Nero BackItUp & Burn,Activation Nero Media Home 4,Activation Nero LiquidTv,Activation Blue-Ray Video Plug-in,Activation Blue-Ray Authoring Plug-in)
7.If You want to install any template packs they are located in the "ThemePacks" folder and enjoy"

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