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Friday, September 24, 2010

muvee autoProducer Build 1363 with crack free full download

Turn your photos and videos into polished productions automatically in seconds!

muvee autoProducer transforms your videos into professional looking productions. The award-winning muvee autoProducer is the fastest, easiest and most fun way to turn dull videos into professional-looking productions...automatically! muvee autoProducer's Artistic Intelligence automatically selects the best scenes from your video, and cuts them to your chosen music with cool effects and transitions synchronized to the beat. Want more control? muvee includes powerful personalization features to let you easily customize your productions just the way you want.
Here are some key features of "muvee autoProducer": · Captions: Add captions to sections of video or individual pictures.· Save & Share: Save and share multiple muvees in various formats for computer playback, email, mobile devices, online sharing or CD/DVD. · magicMoments(tm) : Highlight your favorite sections of video with a 'thumbs-up' and give unwanted sections the 'thumbs-down'. · magicSpot(tm): Easily control how pan/zoom motion is applied to your pictures. · superStyles: These customizable styles give you the option to change the color of your muvee, control the pacing to music, tweak effects and more. · Voiceover: Tell your story by adding a voiceover to your muvee. · tweak muvee: Make touch-ups to your muvee by quickly replacing pictures or sections of video before saving.

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