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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KONTAKT 4 4.1.1 free full download with crack

Kontakt sets new standards in versatility, features and performance

Simply put, Kontakt is one of the leading sampling solutions in the audio industry. As such, it allows you to play back and process audio samples – but that doesn’t even begin to convey the full range of its capabilities.

With Kontakt, you can create sophisticated sample-based virtual instruments, process their audio signals with powerful DSP structures, build complex performance setups with extensive modulation routings, and not least gain access to a huge number of third-party sample libraries.

Kontakt will help you fully concentrate on the sections that are relevant to the task at hand, while not getting tangled up in other technicalities.
Here are some key features of "KONTAKT 4":

· 7 world-class instrument collections – 43 GB of sounds
· Full-Featured Control Panel for each instrument
· Groundbreaking new Authentic Expression Technology® for leading-edge true instrument simulation
· New attribute-based browser and pre-tagged library
· Universal import of virtually any sample format
· 19 high-end effects
· True 64-Bit compatibility on PC and revolutionary Memory Server for Mac
· Library browser with new box view
· Enhanced convolution effect with more impulse responses
· Wave Editor for intuitive looping, slicing and editing with freely drawable envelopes and MIDI drag and drop

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